Project Review

Review project requirements with Owner, Architect, Engineers and other Consultants. Advise Owner and Architect of material availability and construction process feasibility. Review drawings throughout the design period for conformance with the Owner’s requirements and schedule. Make recommendations consistent with these requirements and sound construction practices. Identify long lead items, material, and equipment to be pre-purchased. Assist Owner and Architect in reviewing the requirements of governmental agencies having jurisdiction. Advise on the cost impact of these requirements and suggest possible alternatives. Include code and safety requirements.

Preliminary Cost Analysis

Prepare a trade-by-trade cost estimate based on scope documents and update the estimate as the plans develop. Re-budget throughout the design development and working drawing preparation periods.

Preliminary Schedule

Prepare a schedule for the entire project, analyze and update the schedule as required and as requested by the Architect, Project Management Consultant, and Owner.

Value Engineering

Conduct a value engineering analysis including cost, construction feasibility, considerations relative to labor and material availability, and extent of off-site prefabrication.

Project Coordination

Meet with the Building Owner and/or his agent to ascertain regulations, procedures, construction standards, approval processes, approved construction lists and procedures for coordinating the construction work with the building staff.

Bid Procedures

Develop bid packages, unit pricing, and alternatives for inclusion in trade contractors bid proposals. Recommend to Owner the most cost-effective subcontractor bidding procedures with consideration for schedule and cost. Develop a recommended bidders list for each component of the work and submit to Owner and the Architect for review and approval. Review all plans and specifications before issuing invitations to bid and prepare an independent take-off of quantities and a detailed estimate for each unit of construction. Solicit trade bids, qualify, analyze and report in bid tabulation form the results of the bidding process. Make recommendations for each award. Upon receipt of Owner’s approval, award such work. Assist in the procurement, scheduling, storage, and installation of pre-purchased and long lead items.


Coordinate Activities

Coordinate the work of all trade contractors, suppliers/vendors, including those hired by the client, to insure that the project is on schedule and is constructed in accordance with the documents.


Maintain a detailed schedule of all trade activities, including client’s vendors, and review regularly to insure on-time project completion.


Maintain a full-time and/or part time superintendent at the job site with support staff, as well as required for the coordination and inspection of work.


Establish and implement procedures for opening and maintaining a clear line of communication between Client, Architect, Consultants, Contractor and Sub-Trades.


Maintain a record-keeping system, which will be of sufficient detail to satisfy client and other team members. Such records shall include, but shall not be limited to, daily logs, progress schedules, shop drawings log, request for information log, etc.

Construction Meetings

  • Conduct regularly scheduled job meetings throughout the construction process.
  • Maintain job meeting minutes, RFI logs, submittal logs, schedule updates and change estimate logs.


  • Prepare for a detailed submittal and RFI documentation schedule for use and approval by Architect.
  • Recieve and review all shop drawings, cuts, samples, delivery schedules, material lists, etc. for compliance with the contract documents.

Pay Requests

  • Prepare and submit all applications for payment in accordance with established procedures.
  • Change Order Requests
  • Receive and review all change order requests.
  • Make recommendations regarding change order impact with respect to cost and/or schedule impact.
  • Consult with the Architect and, after mutual agreement, submit recommendations to Owner.
  • Verify that all change orders are satisfactorily carried out in the construction process.


Project Completion

Coordinate completion of all punch list items. Receive, check and forward to Client or Client’s designated representative, all releases of claims required prior to issuance of final certificate of completion and final payments to subcontractors.

Assemble Closeout Package

Assemble closeout package consisting of all guarantees, warranties, operating manuals, as-built drawings as required by contract documents and forward to proper parties. Prepare certificates of substantial and final completion, if required.


At KNR Builders, we place Client needs first and foremost in every project.

KNR Builders is a California Corporation conducting business as a Commercial General Contractor, with a primary focus on interior tenant improvements and building renovations. KNR Builders has the ability to meet the needs of clients on a variety of project types including new construction, medical facilities, radio and sound stage, storage facilities, office buildings, and industrial renovations.
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