Company Establishment

KNR Builders is a California Corporation conducting business as a Commercial General Contractor, with a primary focus on interior office improvements, medical, industrial, entertainment and law offices. KNR Builders also has the ability to meet the needs of clients on a variety of project types including; occupied renovations, office buildings, new construction, dental facilities and sound studios.

Company Philosophy

At KNR Builders, we place Client needs first and foremost in every project. We believe it is the contractor’s responsibility to be professional, fair, honest, and proactive in completing each construction project to the client’s absolute satisfaction. The demonstrated commitment of KNR Builders’ ownership-level management assures our clients that every challenge will be met head-on, and always with the best possible outcome realized.

KNR Leadership

Kurt Werner
Principal / Project Executive
35 years of Industry

Kurt Werner has managed the construction of numerous shell & core buildings and interior tenant improvement projects. He has extensive knowledge in project scheduling, management of sub- contractors, budgeting/cost analysis and quality control, plus the ability to maintain excellent Owner, Architect, and Tenant relationships.

As a principle of KNR Builders, Mr. Werner’s professionalism and attention to detail have been invaluable to the successful completion of a wide range of construction projects.

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Rod Neighbors
Principal / Project Executive
28 years of Industry

Over the past 28 years, Mr. Neighbors has developed a reputation for performance and quality as a leader in the commercial construction industry. His commitment to detail, timely completion of projects and clear communication bring immeasurable value to the project team.

As a principal of KNR Builders, Rod’s complete knowledge of the construction process, combined with his personnel management skill has guaranteed successful projects for his many satisfied clients.

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